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What's up ?

As you can see, we have completely change our website for a better use of it !

We are currently in a period of change, but your opinion could be a big help for everyone. This would allowed us to provide things more suited to your needs.

So don't hesitate to give us your opinion and share your experience !

Your opinion is very important !

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Important point

Before continue, we would like you to take note of an essential point : Kote repair

Indeed, it is important to know that we are able to repair your Kote ourselves during different events. However, it takes a lot of time and we are not always able to repair everything before the end of the event.

So, we thank you in advance for your understanding because our staff does its best. If your equipment is not repaired in time, we hope you will be understanding for doing this repair later.

What to expect from this website ?

Everything you need to know before going further...

It is important, in a first time, to know how this website works.

First of all, registration is required to view and purchase our products, for security reasons. It makes us able to identify the people and ensure that there will be no security problems for everyone.

Furthermore, it allows us to open this website only for French residents, for convenience reasons.

Indeed, as we are still beginning in this export field and as we have only few employees, it is difficult for us for the moment to start the export of another country. However, as soon as this changes, we will keep you informed !

It is also important to note that it is not because we don't accept on this website orders from people outside France that we don't accept any order from others country !

In fact, you can join us at any time with this email adress ( so that we can take care of your orders and meet all your needs !

Some key points...

Present in several countries

We are present in several countries to be able to help you as best as possible, all over the world : in Japan, France, Italy and even Singapore !

Present at several events

In addition to being established in several countries, we want to be present at different events, such as Open de France or the World Kendo Championship !

You can easily find us anywhere, anytime !

A diversified company

Even if we are mainly located in Japan, our employees come from different countries, allowing us to understand more easily your needs !

We are able to speak different languages such as Japanese, English or French !

Customers of all levels

We are able to help customers all over the world, but also at all levels ! Wether you are Kyusha or 8th Dan, we have all the equipment that you could need !

Unique know-how

Our Kote production, among others, is an unique know-how that has been passed down for three generations. So you won't be able to find it anywhere else !

Furthermore, we closely monitor the production of the other products in the factory to be sure of the quality that we will sell to you !

Listening with qualified staff

All our employees love their profession, have a big experience and are ready to help you as best as possible to meet all your needs.

For further information

About our company

Would you like to know more information about our company, our staff ?
click here or go directly to the "ABOUT US" section

About our products

You don't understand the difference between all the product ? You don't know which size choose or which type of products choose ?
Please click here or go directly to the "OUR PRODUCTS" section.
If you can not find the answer you want, do not hesitate to visit our shop in Paris, contact us here or in our "CONTACT" section. 

Questions ?

It is completely normal for you to have questions.
For this, do not hesitate to consult our "FAQ" section (you can also click here).
If you can not find the answer to your question, you can also contact us here or consult our "CONTACT" section.
A question ?

Thank you for your message !

Nippon Budo Miyazaki

2 Chome-1-24, Suehiro,

Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki-ken  


Postal code : 880-0012

Phone : +81-(0)985-32-1058

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