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Find out who we are

You have questions ? You want to learn more about us ?

In this section, we will try to describe ourselves as best as possible for let you understand perfectly who we are !

What is our core business ?

Who are we ?

Our job consists on several things.

First of all, we are specialized in the sale of Kendo equipment, but not only ! Indeed, we can sell other products, such as those of Judo or Kyudo.

Furhtermore, we are able to repair your equipment ! For example, your Kote has his skin torn ? You can count on us, we can help you ! You have a problem with the size of your Men that you have bought recently ? We can readjust it to your size (if the difference is not so important) !

In addition, we are open to help as many people as possible and to listen ! We can advise you, help you, etc. 

Finally, we are also working on an other project, the Budo Tourism one ! So, we can help you to come in Japan and enjoy a unique experience ! If you are interested, do not hesitate to consult this website ( or contact us directly.

What makes us different from others ?

What makes us unique

One of the questions you might ask is : why come in your shop and not another one ?

They are several things that makes us different from others, and the most important one lies on the Kote. In fact, we are the only one to own the 3rd Generation Kote, created by Ryuzo TADA himself, by hand and thanks a machine created by our predecessors. The feel is completely different from "industrial" Kote, and we are even able to create Kote for you with a custom size !

In addition of this, we are able to repair your Kendo equipment. Kote with broken skin ? Outfit a little torn ? Shinai with a Tsuka not at the right size for you ? We can take care of all of this for you, in very little time !

What also makes the different between us and the other shops is the contact with you. Indeed, we try to be as close as possible to you, all the time. In this way, we try to meet all your needs all the time and we are present in person in different events, all year round ! So you can count on us for helping you as best as possible !


Created two generations ago, our company was one of the most important after the Second World War. All our products were created by hand, providing so only artisanal work for all Kendo equipment ! The know-how was unique to the company, and machines were even created solely for the creation of the equipment, and only for the company !

Years passed, then the company had some financial difficulties 20 years ago. At that time, TADA Ryuzo, the grandson, had gone to France to try to expand the business internationally. He managed to creat a shop in France (the one you know today), but the situation in Japan was much more complicated. So it was him who took over the company : he had to rebuilt it from the beginning, alone. Even if many things have been lost then, some things have remained, like the creation of artisanal Kote. And despite the situation, many people continued to believe in TADA Ryuzo, the grandson of the creator of NIPPON BUDO. This allowed so the company to maintain and even regain its former grandeur, as in Japan as internationally, such as in France.

This is how the company became what you know today !


Where are we present today ?

Miyazaki - JAPAN

Our main shop.

You can find us anytime, we will be there for you, with professionnals working in the profession for several years to help you ! We have all the equipment available, allowing us to do almost everything in the shop for help you as best and as quickly as possible. So do not hesitate to visit us !

Contact :

  - Address email :

  - Telephone number : +81-(0)985-32-1058

Tôkyô - JAPAN

Our second store.

Based in the capital, it will be easier for you to go there during your visit in Japan. We have almost everything you could need, so feel free to visit us anytime !

Contact :

  - Address email :

  - Telephone number : +81-(0)985-32-1058

Paris - FRANCE

Our showroom.

Basically a shop, we are transforming it into a showroom for you for greater simplicity. You can so come to seek information (such as taking measurments for the equipment, choosing the shinai according to your needs, etc.) but also discover our other activities, like Budo Tourism or our food section that we wish to export.

Contact :

  - Address email :

  - Telephone number : +33 1 43 37 65 65

Singapore - SINGAPORE

Our physical shop abroad.

Open or several years now, you can come here to search whant you might need. With a passionate staff and very regular restocking, you can be sure to find what you need there ! Do not hesitate to take a look !

Contact :

  - Address email :

  - Telephone number : +65 9170 7951

Milan - ITALY

Our local partner.

Here, we don't have our own store but a partner, a volunteer, who is present in Milan. If you need to take on order there, you can contact our partner to make a bulk order and then receive your equipment ! 

Contact :

  - Address email :

  - Telephone number :

our team at your service

Our major events

WKC - World Kendo Championship

Present for several years for each performance, we are here to help with the competition in advance ! Need a repair ? Need a new Shinai ? You can count on us, we will be there for you !

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