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Obligation to prevent droplet infection

Wearing a shield is compulsory.


Fabric mask without shield







As of August 2021, it is compulsory to wear a mask to prevent infection by droplets in accordance with the All Japan Kendo Federation's Coronavirus Infection Prevention Spread Prevention Guideline. However, if you wear a cloth mask, the heat from your skin will accumulate and you will become dehydrated without noticing it, making it difficult to control your body temperature. It also increases the risk of oxygen deficiency. Unlike cloth masks, this product does not block the mouth, so heat does not accumulate and there is no worry like the above. In addition, you can talk with the other party with peace of mind by preventing straight splashes on the front such as coughing and sneezing. The following is a partial excerpt from the All Japan Kendo Federation "Masks for Infection Spread Prevention Guidelines (Updated June 24, 2020)" ・ The face mask should be breathable or allow breathing to escape to the bottom and sides to prevent respiratory problems. ・ When wearing a face mask, providing a little space between the mask and the mouth will alleviate the suffocation (it will be three-dimensional when viewed from the side). This product meets the above requirements, so please try it.

Put on Shield!

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